Beauty is always modern

Oscar Wilde


Problems with acne, wrinkles, tone, uneven complexion colour, dehydrated or sensitive skin are the most common facial skin irregularities of every woman. Some of these irregularities are hereditary or hormonally caused, and therefore you should not expect that it is possible to get rid of them forever. What we can promise is that we will do everything in order for your skin to be at its best. With regular treatments and complying with advices about care, together we will resolve everything that’s been bothering you for a very long time now.

Considering the stress to which we are exposed on a daily basis, even the most perfect skin requires an occasional pleasant facial massage stimulating the circulation. For its tone, we suggest a lifting face massage. Removing makeup, enzyme peeling, steam softening, mechanical cleansing, mechanical cleansing, disinfection, face, neck and décolleté massage, mask and cream – all this awaits you with our complete facial treatment that will deeply cleanse your pores and restore your skin’s smoothness and radiance. The skin can be further improved with microdermabrasion with fine crystals, ultrasound, AHA and glycolic acids. In case of more serious problems with complexion, we also perform chemical peelings and dermapen mesotherapy in combination with proven mesotherapy cocktails chosen depending on the type and condition of your skin. For our over-50 clients here is our bio-revitalising treatment with collagen’s peptides, that we also apply with dermapen.

We pay special attention to the sensitive area around the eyes. After a two-phase treatment (pads soaked with lotion with hyaluronic acid and creamy mask with urea) the skin around the eyes will look fresher and tighter, and mimic wrinkles will be less visible.

The treatment can be performed very close to the eyes because all ingredients are ophthalmologically tested. We can also pluck and tint your eyebrows, and twist your eyelashes with lash lift. You are not so sure what is best for you? Please feel free to seek an advice from us. We will gladly examine your skin and recommend an appropriate care at home and the best way of using cosmetic preparations.


In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different

Coco Chanel


The modern way of life, from day to day filled with more and more obligations, which we strive to fulfil as soon as possible, makes us completely exhausted by the end of the week.

With relaxing music in a cozy ambience reserved just for you, a massage will relax tense muscles and the sense of weight you felt will disappear. In addition to relaxing, therapeutic, classic, Chinese (TUI-NA) massage, we offer maderotherapy and anti-cellulite massage efficiently fighting against obstinate cellulite and circulatory disturbances. For an even better anti-cellulite effect, there are aroma wrappings (hot and cold bandages soaked in a combination of essential oils, creams and gels), body wrapping and thermal blanket.

With an individual approach and conversation, together we will choose the most efficient anti-cellulite treatment for you. We recommend the detox treatment (peeling, thermal blanket, massage with nettle tea) against water retention in the body, for a better blood and lymph circulation and for releasing toxic by-products from the body.

The skin of the body will be grateful to you because massages are performed with pure cotton oil with carefully selected essential oils. All oils we use are non-synthetic essential oils of high quality, which in addition to their pleasant scent have a therapeutic, psycho-emotional and energising effect.


Tis true, gold can do much, But beauty more

Filip Massinger


We believe that all women want to have a smooth body skin but for many of them the very thought of depilation seems painful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We perform depilation in three ways – classic, sugar wax and sugar paste (Egyptian waxing). Both mixtures are 100% natural (only ingredients are sugar, water and lemon), hypoallergenic, without preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances and they are washable with water.

Egyptian waxing is more efficient by comparison with classic methods because it is applied in the opposite and pulled in the direction of hair growth. Due to the direction of hair removal, the waxing is less painful, there are no severe skin irritations and no ingrown hairs because their natural growth direction is not disturbed. At the first treatment with Egyptian waxing, hairs must be at least 5 mm long, and if they were treated with a razor blade, preferably even longer. If hairs are too long, you don’t have to shorten the same by yourself, we will shorten them to the ideal length.

The third method is waxing with Lycon hot wax. Lycon is the so called precise and virtually painless waxing. It removes very short hair and it is mainly used for smaller areas such as the face, underarms and the intimate zone. During the treatment cleansers, emulsions and a special oil are used and applied on the skin before applying wax. Owing to that oil, the wax adheres only to hair, it does not stick to the skin and therefore waxing is up to 70% less painful.

We can also treat smaller areas on the body with permanent electrolysis. This method is performed by pulling in a thin sterile needle in the hear root followed by releasing an electric impulse destroying the germ cells from which hair is growing. The same must be treated in the anagen (young) stage of its growth cycle, several times, before it disappears forever.

Hand and foot care

Beauty is the virtue of the body, as virtue is the beauty of the soul.

Ralph Valdo Emerson

Hand and foot care

Together with the face, hands are the most exposed part of our body. You can see everything on hands and it is not possible to hide even the slightest irregularity. Many women, despite regular daily hand care, complain about rough and dry skin and thick cuticles. The most common reason for this are circulatory disturbances, non-use of protective gloves when using strong cleaning agents and an extremely sensitive skin. In addition to regular care, your hands require professional hand care as well.

From our offer of manicure, classic nail painting and French nails, we want to emphasize Calgel, the so called soak off gel and permanent nail polish Shellac. Calgel colour is applied with a brush, in two thin layers, it is polymerized in an UV lamp and finished with a thin transparent layer for preserving the colour. The nail remains flexible, it does not break and appears more natural than with real gel. We have approximately 60 colours in the Calgel offer. With soak off, we also offer permanent nail polish (Shellac), which we start by applying the base coat, followed by two coloured layers and we finish with a transparent layer, and all dried in a LED lamp. After two to four weeks soak off and permanent nail polish are removed by fast dissolving without filing and damaging the natural nail. In addition to aesthetic and classic pedicure, we are also trained for medical pedicure. If you have problems with ingrown nails or corns, we advise you not to do anything by yourselves to avoid major complications.